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BoomBox Black-cover Release day July 29th, 2022 Boom Box Black
This gift no longer available. Common Gift: Wave 3 Supplied: 108888 Collected: 75014 Show blockchain info
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About the gift

Do you remember those big stereos from rap and hip-hop clips from the 80s and 90s? Yes, the ones that the rappers carried on their shoulders! This huge mega sound device has a name - a boombox. It is a portable inexpensive music system capable of playing AM/FM radio stations, cassettes, CDs and other types of recorded music, including mp3. Electronic companies first introduced the boombox in the late 70s, but they quickly gained popularity and became a part of mainstream culture by the 80s.

author signature Artwork by Moeen Maroufi

Moeen Maroufi (Marouf) was born in beautiful land of Pars. He is the manager of his own startup company. In the leisure time he paints, he takes pictures of nature, and designs 2D and 3D characters. He believes that art is in nature and belongs to whoever can see it. The more we reflect on nature, the more we are amazed at the Creator's abilitie.