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Angel-cover Release day August 1st, 2022 Emojis - Angel
This gift no longer available. Rare Gift: Wave 3 Supplied: 88888 Collected: 77513 Show blockchain info
Join the global play Play with the figurines in AR, share them in your Instagram stories and don’t forget to tag us.
We will be drawing previously released gifts 2–3 times a week among the subscribers who have tagged the Chiko & Roko account in their stories.
About the gift

They are an important part of Internet communication and the iconic images of nearly everything in the world. They represent artifacts of culture, and culture has begun to represent them. We're talking about Emoji! They made it possible to express almost any emotion in writing and to communicate without words. Well, let's blend Chiko with emoji and see what comes out of it!

This figurine is the next toy released as part of the Emojis collection. The collection will feature a total of 7 figurines to be released over 7 weeks. Collect all the figurines and get a secret drop as a gift! Go and claim yours!

author signature Artwork by Gabriel Magalhães

Computer scientist Gabriel Magalhães specializes in multimedia, computer graphics, and 3D technologies. He deals with realistic renderings for architecture and products, 3D for the Web, AR/VR apps, meta-constructions, and 3D art for the metaverse. The author loves mixing technologies in order to create experiences that confuse reality and the virtual worlds. Gabriel says: "I’m fascinated by technologies, sculptures, visual effects, and music. I see art everywhere, including in the magic of code. Blending programming languages and 3D to create a unique style where the imagination is the limit."