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Cherry-cover Release day August 3rd, 2022 YAMI - Sweet Cherry
This gift no longer available. Common Gift: Wave 3 Supplied: 90888 Collected: 75679 Show blockchain info
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We will be drawing previously released gifts 2–3 times a week among the subscribers who have tagged the Chiko & Roko account in their stories.
About the gift

Its name derives from the Latin words "cerasum" and "cerasus," which became "cerise" in French before becoming "cherry" in English. During the short summer season, you can enjoy sweet, juicy cherries and juicy, firm red berries. You can eat them right off the tree, pick them for later, or make jam or pie out of them. Good for literally everything!

This figurine is part of the YAMI Collection. Watch for drops, so you don't miss a new one!