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FAQ About toys
  • What is a digital souvenir?  copy link

    A digital gift is the same as a common souvenir — you own it, you can show it off, and you can even give it away. It's still the same commemorative trinket, but without the limitations of a physical object. A digital gift will help you preserve special moments and share them with the world.

  • How can I claim the gift?  copy link

    To claim your gift, please click on the ‘Collect your gift’ button on the project’s website and log in using your Apple ID or Google ID. The digital gift will then be added to your collection.

  • What can I do with the gift?  copy link

    You can admire them in 3D format or using Augmented Reality (AR), as well as take photos and videos with them. In the near future, the art toys can be displayed on the OpenSea marketplace, as well as put up for sale on the internal marketplace of our platform. Follow our news on social networks for more updates.

  • What devices support AR  copy link

    Most modern devices support AR and 3D display. Here is a list of iOS devices. Here is a list of Android devices. For the best experience, we recommend devices with a Lidar scanner installed (iPhone 12+, iPad Pro).

  • Do I have to pay for the gift or is it free of charge?  copy link

    The gifts are distributed for free every day.

  • Can I get a gift if it is already past the release date?  copy link

    Yes, there are several options to get an art toy if its supply has not yet been felly distributed: 1) buy it for Gold (the platform’s internal currency, more about it below), 2) participate in activities on our social networks in which the gifts can be won.

  • Is the number of gifts limited? If so, how do I know how many gifts are left?  copy link

    The number of each gift issued is limited. The serial number and the total number of gifts in circulation are indicated on the page of the given gift on its page.

  • How do I get missed gifts?  copy link

    Using Gold or by participating in activities on our social networks.

  • Do you have a list for rare and super rare gifts?  copy link

    No, we do not have a list of rare and super rare gifts, but we often post them in our social networks. Follow our accounts and stay tuned.

  • How to get special drops?  copy link

    Special drops can be won in activities in our social networks.

  • Is it possible for the user to change their email on the platform? If so, how?  copy link

    Unfortunately, the email cannot be changed. You can only register a new account to the desired email.

  • What is Gold?  copy link

    Gold is the internal currency of the platform. You get 1 coin for each collected gift. For 25 coins, you can get a gift that is not in your collection using Blind-Box technology (the gift is dropped at random).

  • Where can I see Gold in my account?  copy link

    You can see the Gold at the top right corner of the platform. The number means how much Gold you have at the moment.

  • Can I choose gifts I want with Gold?  copy link

    Not now. Gold technology implies that the gift falls out in the Blind-Box, and you do not know in advance which of the missed gifts you will receive.

  • Is it possible to exchange Gold with others?  copy link

    It is not possible to exchange it currently. We plan to implement this option in the future, stay tuned for our updates.

  • During what time I need to spend Gold?  copy link

    It is not possible to exchange it currently. We plan to implement this option in the future, stay tuned for our updates.

  • Why is it not possible to use Gold?  copy link

    You can use Gold if you have at least 25 coins or other multiples of 25.

  • Will I get any Gold for registration?  copy link

    Yes, you receive 10 Gold for your first registration!

  • Why does this notification appear on the website: "All ... gifts gone. This gift no longer available."?  copy link

    All gifts on the platform have a limited edition. If you see this inscription when you try to add the gift to your collection, it means that the entire supply of the gift has already been taken by other users.

  • What is NFT?  copy link

    Please read our comprehensive NFT guide

  • I do not have a crypto wallet. Will it be a problem if I want to claim the gift?  copy link

    It is not a problem for claiming and collecting the gifts

  • Which blockchain is the Chiko & Roko platform based on?  copy link

    Polkadot, EVM-based blockchain.

  • Can I sell the art toys on the site?  copy link

    Not yet. The gifts need to be exported to an external marketplace to be sold.

  • Which marketplaces can I display the art toys on?  copy link

    Initially, transfers to OpenSea (Polygon) will be available. In the future, we are planning to implement transfer to other marketplaces. Follow our updates for more information.

  • When can I transfer the gifts to external marketplaces?  copy link

    We are launching closed internal Beta testing in April. Public transfers will be available starting from May according to the whitelists formed based on the results of our activities in social networks. Follow our updates for more.

  • How much does it cost to display the toys on external marketplaces?  copy link

    The transaction fee is 2-3 cents for the transfer of each art toy.

  • When selling on the secondary market, can I set the price of the toy myself?  copy link

    Yes, you can.

  • With a successful sale on the secondary market, will I receive the entire price of the gift that I have set?  copy link

    You will receive the amount minus interest (royalties). The royalty is 20% (10% to the artist who made the figurine design, 10% to our platform).

  • Which network will transactions take place on?  copy link

    On the Polygon network.

  • Can these NFT art toy be staked in the future or used in any other way? Or are they just for collecting/selling?  copy link

    Yes, we are planning this possibility.

  • If I got an art toy from a leak, can I sell it later or will it just hang with me like that?  copy link

    Leaked toys will need to be returned. We will do this before the transfer function is implemented.

  • Will it be necessary to withdraw NFT art toy to wallets or will there be a platform for their internal implementation?  copy link

    There will be both ways, first the transfer, then the internal marketplace

  • If I sell art toys on the internal marketplace of the platform (if it is implemented), can I choose the currency for which I can sell them (ETH, etc.)?  copy link

    The sale will take place for the internal currency of the platform, you can convert it in the future.

  • Will burning gifts be implemented?  copy link


  • Will I be able to see the number of the NFT art toy that I hold from the total circulating supply after the figurine is withdrawn to the wallet?  copy link

    Yes, all the information currently available in the blockchain info for each of the gifts will be translated into the metadata of external networks.

  • Will there be a dedicated app or will all transactions be on the site?  copy link

    Yes, the app is currently in the works.

  • If I do not transfer the gifts to external marketplaces, will they be burned?  copy link

    No, the platform develops on its own, so transfers are not obligatory at all.

  • Will the Roadmap of the project be available before it becomes possible to transfer the toys to external marketplaces?  copy link


  • Do Common/Rare/Super Rare labels affect the price of a toy?  copy link

    Yes. The price of a toy can be influenced by many factors, such as its rarity, secrecy, serial number in circulation, and many others

  • All gifts are created by different artists?  copy link

    Yes, all gift designs are developed by artists from different countries and our creative team.

  • I would like to join the project as an artist. What do I need to do?  copy link

    Fill out the form for 3D artists. We will review your application and contact you if you pass the competition-based selection process.

  • What is KYC?  copy link

    The KYC procedure ("Know your customer" procedure) allows businesses to identify and verify the identity of each client before they can perform financial operations on the platform.This procedure protects companies from risk to work with fraudsters and terrorists and ensures the security of customer assets.

  • How is identity validation done?  copy link

    Identity validation is carried out by checking the user's documents. Then comes the Face ID procedure — physical scanning of the user's face and comparison of the result with the documents provided.

  • What documents will you need for identity validation?  copy link

    The list of documents depends on your citizenship or country of residence. Usually, this is a passport or driver's license.

  • How long does validation take?  copy link

    Standard validation takes 20-30 minutes, but in case of delays it may take up to 2-3 days. Please follow the validation status, if the system did not accept the documents, then go through the procedure again.

  • What does KYC give you?  copy link

    Passing KYC procedure is optional for users, the application functionality will be available in full without passing the KYC. After passing the KYC procedure, your profile will be validated. Features like withdrawal to external marketplaces, payment services, messaging, trading will be available to users with validated profiles.